Holiday Closures and the Upcoming Spring Term

Spring is just around the corner! So here are some important updates on our school closures and term invoicing…

Closed for Easter

We are closed April 3rd and 4th. Students will not be billed for those dates, but if you and your teacher would like to meet for a lesson that weekend, simply let us know so we can add that lesson charge to your monthly invoice!

Spring Term starts April 5!

Dates: April 5th – July 2nd
Memorial Day Closure: May 29th – 31st

Why sign up for the term?

The term cost includes one free week, to be used at any time during that term. This allows you to miss one lesson or receive an extra lesson at no additional cost.

For Current Term Students

We will send you an invoice for the next term. If you are ending lessons or would like to switch to a month-to-month payment, please write to us with that information.

You will receive the invoice on March 15th. Payment is due March 26th. If payment is not received by April 5 we will remove the student from our calendars and offer the spot to another student.

For Month-to-Month Students

If you would like to switch to the term payment, simply write to us with that request. We will send an invoice for the full cost of the term, due March 26th.

Send an email or give us a call!