Arranging for Songwriters

with Ethan Foote

Wednesdays, February 17th – March 10th, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

What, exactly, is arranging? How is it different from composing? From production? And why should songwriters care about it? In short, because it offers a means of making songs more powerful. Before getting into strings and horns and all that fun stuff, we’ll start from the idea that arranging is simply how we choose to convey existing musical material, and that the first step in arranging is getting to know our own work better. We’ll explore our own songs alongside arrangements we know and love, with an ear toward, among other things, instrumentation, harmonization, and structure, and we’ll come away with tools for enhancing our music–whether with a full orchestra behind us or nothing more than our own voices.

$100 for 4 classes

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