Walking A Bass Line On Any Instrument

with Gabe Koempel

Sunday, April 18, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

“Walking bass” is a style of bass accompaniment that creates a feeling of regular rhythmic movement akin to the regular alternation of feet while walking. Walking bass lines are most commonly associated with genres like jazz and blues. But walking bass patterns are commonplace in many other genres and styles of music too.

While it is most common to walk a bass line on an acoustic or electric bass, it is fully possible to walk a bass line on any instrument. Learning how to do so develops your melodic skills, improvisatory solo skills, harmonic understanding, rhythmic skills, and music theory knowledge.

This class will combine lecture, seminar, live demonstration, and live student application for the purpose of examining and understanding the concepts of walking a bass line.

The content is geared for adults and high school students at an intermediate playing level. All instruments welcome!

$60 workshop

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