Jonathan Vocke


Jonathan has traveled the world studying folk music in many styles. His passion for music lies somewhere between the mournful old-timey ballad and the high-octane fiddle tune, after his own experiences and through the words of great American songwriters. Jonathan is an active performer and jam leader  in the DC and Baltimore area. As a teacher, Jonathan enjoys helping his students become more proficient in their instruments as soloists and group players. He ties in ear training, relevant music theory,  and techniques to avoid injury so that his students can find their groove, work out their style, and improve their overall musicality. His rich knowledge of old-time and bluegrass tunes will add to the repertoire of any aspiring bluegrass or old-time player. Jonathan teaches guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin and ukulele.

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October 21, 2021
In this class we introduce you to the art of rhythm guitar. We will be using classic traditional fiddle tunes to explore how one hears chord changes, chooses chords, does bass runs into chords, boom-chucks with a good groove.
This workshop is open to all youths age 10-18 interested in learning how to play traditional string band music in a group setting. Over the course of our four meetings we will be learning and practicing 3-4 tunes.