Matthew Dayton


Matthew is a music educator, composer, and performer based in Takoma Park. He arranges songs from a variety of styles for his folk/Early Music singing duo, Mountain Tay. In his teaching and performing, Matthew approaches music as a conversation. He loves teaching both children and adults to understand all forms of music from the inside. Besides reading and playing the notes of a song on an instrument, Matthew’s students learn to interpret rhythm as dance, melody as storytelling, and harmony as color. He offers students a deep understanding of how music is put together by breaking it down into manageable pieces, having students improvise their own melodies or create their own arrangements of songs, and reflecting on the emotional nuances of performance. His approach is well suited to any style of music, and he enjoys arranging songs and tailoring his lessons so that his students can start playing their favorite songs right away.

Matthew offers lessons in guitar, piano, ukulele, Early Music recorder, music theory, and composition/songwriting.

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