McKinley Corbley

McKinley is a long-time songwriter and self-taught musical producer who has used her arsenal of more than 30 instruments to write, record, mix, and publish 8 full-band studio albums from her Virginia home. Whenever she is not slingin’ instruments from her job at the House of Musical Traditions, she can often be found working on pianos or running live sound for Crescendo Studios. In addition to offering lessons in piano, accordion, ukulele, harp, and music theory, she also enjoys teaching her students about DIY home production techniques, songwriting, post-production, mixing, and recording softwares such as Ableton, Logic, and Garageband.
Since her passion lies in sharing the joys of music with other people, she is happy to work with students of all ages and tailor her lesson plans according to each student’s skillset, regardless of their education or musical background.

All lessons are currently offered ONLINE only due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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